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More Overwatch Subtitles Will Be Added in the Future for Deaf Players

Blizzard has confirmed that it finally has the technology in its grasp to improve support for Overwatch subtitles in the near future.

Underlining text is one feature that has been requested by the community more than once in the past, particularly by the deaf players. However, it was only the latest Overwatch Uprising event when we saw the developer add subtitles for the very first time.

Posting on the official forums yesterday, one deaf player explained that there are several in-game voice cues and banter between heroes that otherwise go unnoticed by those unable to hear. Support for Overwatch subtitles would not only have an impact on gameplay but also allow such players to enjoy the game to the fullest.

“Maybe it would be nice to incorporate voice line subtitles into [the] chat window,” he wrote. “I am not saying we should have a ‘footsteps’ notification, most of the deaf/hard of hearing community relies [on] visual elements and notifications in the game.”

He also added that until recently, he was completely unaware of the dialogues and interactions that happen between heroes during battles. It was only through his friends that the player realized what he has been missing out on.

Responding to the thread, game director Jeff Kaplan stated that it took some time but the development team now has “some of the underlying technology and systems in place to proliferate subtitle support” in the future. The release of Overwatch Uprising greatly helped in this regard. He also added that Blizzard is very “passionate” about adding subtitles to help deaf players.

More subtitles will only help make Overwatch more accessible. That will not only result in a more healthy community but also allow players to dive deeper into the game’s lore.

We are paving way to the Electronics and Entertainment Expo (E3) in June. There is both excitement and confusion as far as the Overwatch players are concerned. Both Blizzard and Terry Crews have denied any plans for making a special announcement at the annual event. However, it is confirmed that Crews will be attending E3 2017. We will only have to wait and see for what.