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Michael Pachter: Console Software Will Move Off Consoles By 2019 And Sony Will Lose Its Console Market Dominance

Sony has dominated the console market since the beginning of the current generation and it does not seem that Sony will lose its dominance anytime soon. However, according to industry analyst Micheal Patcher, Sony will lose its market dominance when gamers will no longer require a console to play COD.

In the latest episode of Pachter Factor, Micheal Patcher said that the console software will soon move off the console and that is when Sony will lose its market dominance. He added that this is going to happen between 2019 and 2020.

According to Patcher, in next two to three years, you will be downloading games to your PC and be playing on your TV and 10 years ahead gamer will download on mobile and play of TV. He added that when that happens there will be no reason to buy a console and the only those gamers will buy the console who want to play first-party titles for the consoles.

However, this makes little sense since Microsoft is releasing Xbox One Scorpio by the end of this year and SIE is doing really well with the standard PS4 and PS4 Pro, but time will tell.

Speaking of consoles, Xbox One Scorpio is scheduled to launch this holiday season and while Microsoft has revealed the specs for the upcoming console but the price for the console is still unknown. According to Patcher himself, it would be suicide for Microsoft is Scorpio is priced more than $399.

Do you think the games would not require gamers to have consoles in 2-3 years? Let us know in the comments.