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For Honor Forced to Disable Game DVR and Streaming on Xbox One

For Honor has been facing numerous stability issues on Xbox One, following a firmware update that the console received at the end of last month.

According to Ubisoft, it has been tracking the “degradation of service” these past few weeks and can confirm that it originated on the console the very day the update was released. While the developer is unsure as to what exactly broke For Honor on Xbox One, it is fairly certain that it has to do with one of the newly included features.

Last month’s update added support for the Beam streaming service, improvements to the built-in recording Game DVR application, changes to the Guide, and a speed boost by optimizing the operating system. While Ubisoft continues with its investigation, it has decided to disable Beam and Game DVR in For Honor until further notice.

“Following our active discussions with Xbox developers, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we have a fix to release and are able to restore the broadcasting functionality,” wrote community manager Eric Pope on Reddit.

Until the developer has identified the root cause of the sudden increase in stability problems, players on Xbox One must rely on capture cards to stream and record their gameplay sessions.

Yesterday, For Honor received a lot of adjustments to the existing classes through a brand new update. Peacekeeper is being dialed back further to reduce her spam of lightning attacks. Orochi’s Hurricane Blast is getting Uninterruptible Stance to make sure that the class has the opportunity to use a bunch of options while charging the ability. Also, Lawbringer is being readjusted so that light attacks after Shove can no longer be blocked.