What Does Activision’s CEO Thinks for Call of Duty: WWII?

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg believes that the new Call of Duty: WWII is the right game at the right time. According to Hirshberg, when they gave the greenlit for this game three years ago they felt like it was time to go back to COD’s roots, World War, which is an attempt to keep the series fresh.

Activision announced Call of Duty: WWII last week and back us a taste of it via the game’s box art (which is apparently stolen from Brothers in Arms). Call of Duty: WWII is under development at Sledgehammer Games and the game is releasing in November for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Activision CEO stated: “We’re all plugged into the same cultural rhythms to a certain extent. Specifically to us, three years ago when we greenlit this thing, we definitely just thought it was time to take the franchise back to its roots”

Hirshberg also commented on the “coincidence” that Call of Duty is going to World War just a year after Battlefield 1. He explained that when the decided to go back they had no idea that EA would be going the same in 2016, as well as there would be a host of different World War based movies in the same timeline.

Well I certainly can’t comment on any influences that might have an impact on our competitors, I can speak for us and you know I totally acknowledge that these things do seem to happen in waves like this,” he said. “I mean three years ago when we dreamed up this game and decided it was time to go back to our roots, we could not have known at that time that the year we would launch it would be a year in which there would be several World War II movies in the theaters and that there would be other competitors going back to historical settings.

Call of Duty: WWII is getting a full reveal today at 6PM UK time. It has been confirmed already that PlayStation 4 is getting 30 days early access to all future maps for WWII.

Source: Polygon