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Persona 5 Charm Guide – How To Improve Relationships

The Charm social stat in Persona 5 is mostly used to improve relationships with certain confidants and doesn’t have as much use outside of that feature unlike some other stats. Nevertheless, players should still invest some time in upgrading their Charm just for the sake of relationships.

This Persona 5 Charm guide will help players with useful tips and strategies as well as best ways to increase their Charm.

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Persona 5 Charm
The best way to raise Charm is to visit the bathhouse right outside of Café LeBlanc. Simply spending time there and taking a bath will result in a decent amount of Charm increase for the player, which is a bit weird. Visiting the bathhouse requires some money however so players should keep that in mind and not overdo it.

To gain bonus charm, players should visit the bathhouse on Mondays or Thursdays. If it is raining, any day even if it’s not a Monday or a Thursday will grant players some bonus Charm boost.

Apart from this method, players will end up encountering other ways to increase their Persona 5 Charm. Excelling in school exams, spending time with certain confidants to eating out at certain restaurants all ends up increasing the Charm stat.

Just like every other social stat, books can also help with Charm. Players can check out books from their school library or purchase them from various bookstores. Finishing these books will increase their Charm stat. The book’s description should tell the player exactly which stat it improves. After getting the correct book, players can either read it in the library or on the commute to and from school.

This is all we currently have on Persona 5 Charm guide but if you would like to add more, share in the comments below.