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New For Honor Map Could Be Pitting Players Inside the Coliseum

In addition to rumors surrounding the upcoming classes, the developer may have recently leaked a new For Honor map that could be heading our way soon.

Yesterday, Ubisoft released a featured video on the importance of Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) in video games and how they bring its worlds to life by telling their own stories. The informative material goes over designers and developers from several of the company’s franchises, including For Honor.

At one point in the video, both the Warden and Warlord classes can be seen fighting in what looks to be a Coliseum. While it could be a new For Honor map in the making, it should be noted that developers often create their own sandboxes for internal testing. However, the Coliseum looks to be a bit too polished for that purpose. The map has multiple levels and doorways, a sand-covered floor, with surrounding bare walls.

There is no confirmation on whether the Coliseum is indeed a new For Honor map. Though, it does match the theme of recent leaks that unearthed the upcoming Centurion class for the game. While data miners are yet to come up with a file that drops a hint for the map, most of the Centurion skills have already been ousted. The class is similar to Vanguard, but with a couple of unique ability icons.

As Season One of the Faction War comes to a close, Ubisoft could be preparing to announce new details about its future content.

For Honor Update 1.06 is scheduled to release today, and bring a lot of adjustments to the existing classes. Peacekeeper is being dialed back further to reduce her spam of lightning attacks. Orochi’s Hurricane Blast is getting Uninterruptible Stance to make sure that the class has the opportunity to use a bunch of options while charging the ability. Also, Lawbringer is being readjusted so that light attacks after Shove can no longer be blocked.