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League of Legends Item Set Creator Tool Will Release for the New Client Soon

As Riot Games prepares to put an end to the Legacy Client, it has confirmed that the League of Legends item set creator tool is officially in development.

Released several years ago, players had the option of creating custom item sets for specific champions that would replace the default recommended items in every game. However, the feature was missing from the new client when it began its open beta last year.

Based on previous statements, Riot Games had to develop every feature from scratch to include in the new client. The League of Legends item set creator tool was not considered a priority in this regard, and a promise was made to take the feature into account later on.

This week, the Legacy Client was officially retired in North America. Alongside the announcement, Riot games confirmed that it has begun work on the League of Legends item set creator tool.

“Initially, due to the low use of item sets, we hadn’t planned to bring it back with the new client and focus on making other areas better instead,” explained lead writer Riot Cactopus on the forums. “The item set creator tool is now in progress, and we intend to ship it to PBE with patch 7.10.”

Do note that the tentative release window could be pushed back if the development process needs additional time. However, if everything goes as planned, the item set creator tool should arrive for the new client in the next couple of months.

In addition, the developer revealed that the next patch will allow players to start new conversations and see which of their friends are currently online while in champion select.

Last week, Riot Games announced that it is fairly pleased with the ongoing beta. It is finally time to replace the Legacy Client and automatically upgrade every player in every region to the newer platform.