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Blizzard Job Posting Hints New Mobile Game

A new Blizzard job posting has appeared on the company’s official careers website, which seeks a talented Software Engineer for an “Unannounced Project.”

One of the listed requirements states that the candidate should have “a passion for playing and making games – especially mobile games.” In addition, the individual will be contributing to “Blizzard’s mobile gaming efforts” and creating tools for the in-house designers and artists.

It is important to note that the new Blizzard job posting is for the company’s Incubation division. This is where Blizzard researches and works on new projects. The department is led by the recently hired Allen Adham, one of the three original founders of Blizzard and the original design lead on World of Warcraft. Adham was explicitly assigned to take on new projects, making it even more prominent that the new Blizzard job posting is for a new mobile game and not just a companion application.

There has been a lot of hiring and staffing changes at Blizzard in the past few months. Most prominently, lead designer of StarCraft David Kim was assigned to a new project. Similarly, lead designer of Heroes of the Storm Dustin Browder was taken off the game as well.

Frank Pearce, co-founder of Blizzard, reportedly stated last year that Blizzard would soon be a move into the mobile space. Currently, the company has only Hearthstone in that category but could be planning to expand over to other games in the future.

The move is unsurprising since the mobile games industry recorded a worth of over $40 billion last year. There is a lot of room for competition, and Blizzard could be considering a dedicated mobile release rather than simply porting over a project.