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AMD Radeon Pro Duo Provides 113% Performance Boost Compared to Radeon Pro W7 7100

AMD has just announced the AMD Radeon Pro Duo but do not confuse this with a gaming GPU as that is not the case. This GPU is for professionals that use CAD, CAM, CAE and Media & Entertainment applications. AMD Radeon Pro Duo has native support for 10-bits per color channel and hardware-accelerated H.265 decode/encode capabilities.

Unlike the original Radeon Pro Duo, this one is air cooled and is a dual slot GPU so it should fit nicely in most workstation rigs. While the previous Radeon Pro Duo used HBM2 memory the new version uses 32GB of GDDR5 memory. You will need 8+6 pin power connectors in order to power this GPU and it features 3 DisplayPort connectors and a single HDMI connector.

With two GPUs working together the AMD Radeon Pro Duo is able to perform 113% better as compared to the Radeon Pro W7 7100 in Autodesk Maya with the Radeon ProRender plugin. The specifications of the AMD Radeon Pro Duo are nothing short of impressive. AMD is aware of the needs of content producers and with HBM-2 memory, this powerhouse is everything that a content producer could desire.

Let us know what you think about the AMD Radeon Pro Duo and whether or not you would like to buy one of these GPUs.