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Terry Crews Denies Any Potential Overwatch Announcement for E3 2017

Terry Crews has shutdown earlier speculation that his presence at E3 2017 in the coming months has anything to do with a potential Overwatch announcement.

While highlighting a worldwide feature of his first “contemporary modern furniture designs” on Instagram, the Hollywood actor was asked by a fan about his involvement with the game at the upcoming event. A blatant “no” confirmed that Crews is only attending E3 2017 to meet fans and enjoy the atmosphere.

The response arrives just a week after game director Jeff Kaplan stated that while Blizzard may be attending the expo, it will not be making any Overwatch announcement. In fact, no member from the game’s development team will be present on the show-floor.

The news was met with disappointment, since Crews has been teasing this month of a “major surprise” scheduled for E3 2017. He even told his fans that they “know what’s going on” and should prepare for something “big” in the coming months.

Last year, the community pushed Blizzard to have Crews voice the yet-to-be-released Doomfist. In December, the actor visited the studio’s headquarters in California, a move that only fueled rumors of him filling the shoes of the antagonist. Naturally, the latest batch of teasers only forced everyone to speculate that the developer would be pairing with the actor to announce the release of Doomfist at E3 2017.

However, both Blizzard and Crews have no denied having anything to do at E3 2017 that is related to Overwatch. Nonetheless, it does not reduce the possibility of the actor being involved with either Doomfist or in any other capacity for the game.

E3 2017 is scheduled to take place in June. We do not have that long to wait and find out what the developer has planned for the community, or why exactly Crews is attending. Honestly, it will not be surprising to see the man take the stage to make an announcement to surprise the Overwatch fans.