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Limited Number Of NES Classic Coming Back On Sale AT Best Buy

With Nintendo announcing the discontinuation of NES Classic, many fans are trying to get their hands on the classic console. Well, those who are looking to buy the NES Classic are in luck as the console will be coming back on sale at Best Buy, and this might also be the last opportunity for you to get one.

Best Buy announced through twitter that NES Classic will be coming back in stock but only for in-store sale, not online. Best But told Verge that the sale for the classic console will be first come, first-served. No specific quantities available for the console has been revealed other than that it is limited. The console will be available on April 24.

While Nintendo has halted the production for NES Classic due to supply issues but a rumor is circulating the internet that Nintendo is bringing the SNES Classic mini. According to the industry insider, Liam Robertson, Nintendo is bringing back the SNES Classic Mini and just in North America but also in Europe.

Also, NES Classic Mini is not the only thing Nintendo discontinued as the company has also halted the production of Nintendo Famicom In Japan, which came as a surprise to many given it was selling really well. However, Nintendo has clarified that the production for Famicom has been temporarily halted.