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HIS RX 580 And RX 570 IceQX2 Series GPUs Feature New Fan Design That Make Them Cooler And Quieter

The HIS RX 580 XTR IceQX2 Roaring Turbo is the top of the line model that the company has to offer in the new AMD RX 500 series GPUs lineup. The HIS RX 580, as well as the RX 570, features a new fan design. The fan is the same size but has more fan blades which increase airflow and reduced noise. This way the GPU is cooler under load.

Previously, the fans on the RX 480 had 9 fan blades but this number has been increased to 11. According to the company, this makes the GPU 31% cooler and produces 12% lesser noise. The color of the fan is still same as well as the overall theme of the GPU. It is not a very good looking GPU and I am sure that there are other who will agree with me.

The HIS RX 580 XTR IceQX2 Roaring Turbo has 6 + 8 pin power connectors that allow the GPU to run at higher clock speeds as compared to the previous RX 480. In turbo mode, the GPU can hit 1430 MHz and in OC mode the GPU runs at 1411 MHz. The memory is the same at 8 GB per second, no change there.

According to the company, the HIS RX 580 is able to perform 9% better in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark. This is a significant boost in performance but I doubt that this is only due to the fans. We will have to wait and see how true these claims actually are.

If you are in the market for an RX 580 then this is one option that you could look into if you are not interested in the looks of the GPU and just need performance. It is possible that your PC does not have a side window and it does not matter what the GPU looks like. In that case, this could be the perfect GPU for you if you are looking for an AMD RX 500 series unit.

Let us know what you think about the HIS RX 580 and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these GPUs.