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ELEAGUE’s Player Profile Tells Why Daigo Is the Street Fighter GOAT

Daigo “Beast” Umehara is a name that everyone, with even a little connection with competitive gaming, is well aware of. He is one of the most storied personalities from the fighting game community, a hard worker, a philanthropist, an icon and legend in his own right.

Currently, he is sitting in the finals of ELEAGUE’s Street Fighter V Invitational tournament. As part of an ongoing series, a player profile from the esports organization gives fans an insight into how Diago followed his dreams of becoming the best.

While growing up, competitive gaming or esports was not something that was perceived as a career. Those heading to arcades were usually labelled as “less intelligent” people. In that light, Daigo was often pressurized by his grandfather to “get a proper job” in the market. However, his father would encourage him to follow his dreams instead.

Despite the backing, Daigo was still stuck in the middle and undecided on what to choose as his career. The turning point came when he was in charge of caring for the sick.

These people were suffering from dementia, and most of them were physically challenged. There were those who were a president of a company, or working at the reception of a department store. As I was listening to these stories, I started to think that i will definitely regret when I get old if I don’t live every day as it is my last.

Commenting on his decision to donate his entire winnings from coming second in the 2015 Capcom Pro Tour, he stated that he has always been afraid of himself treating esports as a mere way of earning money. Helping others to get an opportunity to follow their dreams is ensuring that they do not see hardened days that he himself had witnessed decades back.

Over the weekend, the beast went against Hiroyuki “Eita” Nagata in one of the most brutal matches we have seen yet in the life of Street Fighter V. Daigo has been experiencing a slump ever since the latest installment in the series arrived last year. However, his recent decision to switch over to Guile proved monstrous enough to get him into the finals. You can watch the match below.