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Yoko Taro Fully Willing To Remake Nier, As Soon As He Gets Paid

Yoko Taro, the director of both Nier Automata and the original Nier game, has said that he’d be fully willing to remake the original Nier, so long as he gets paid first. Nier Automata has sold over a million copies since its release, but Taro hasn’t seen any of the profits.

Nier Automata is the “direct” sequel to Nier, taking place tens of thousands of years after that game takes place. The original Nier was more a fantasy game than the science fiction of Automata, involving monsters and magic and talking books instead of a proxy war between robots guided by long-dead civilizations.

While Nier has developed a strong cult following since it released in 2010, it still hasn’t reached anywhere near the popularity that Automata has despite a strong story and fairly expansive world. Nier Automata has likely increased interest in the original Nier game, and if it gets a current-gen remake the series might get even more popular.

Isao Negishi, a designer at Platinum Games, has also expressed interest in remaking Nier with Yoko Taro. With Taro’s story and the gameplay that Platinum is famed for, a Nier remake could hopefully be even better than the original. Square Enix executive producer Yosuke Saito has also brought the proposition forward that if Nier Automata sold well enough that we might see a remake. It may even be for PC this time, when the original was only for consoles.

Either way, until Yoko Taro gets paid we likely won’t see any sort of news about a Nier remake. So, Square Enix, if you want to capitalize on Automata’s success, please pay him so that we can maybe get a Nier remake. Nier Automata is currently available on the Playstation 4 and PC, so if you’re looking to see what all the fuss is about, and have the right platform, go check it out.