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Riot Games Announces Student Ambassador Program for Malaysia

Riot Games, the profound name behind League of Legends, is introducing a Student Ambassador Program for Malaysian undergraduates.

According to Benjamin Pommeraud, the company’s country manager for the region, the program is designed to help students develop career-critical skills such as leadership, communication, event management, budgeting, and creative thinking.

The first batch of students for the Student Ambassador Program has already been selected, comprising twenty-eight talented individuals from various universities and colleges nationwide. Interested candidates were requested to send in a video to support their application, while having a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.5.

Pommeraud stated that the ever-growing popularity of competitive gaming has only made it necessary to develop networks and professionals in the field. This is especially true for Southeast Asia, a region that is regarded as the fastest growing gaming market in the world.

In addition, esports has brought more opportunities for people to work in the gaming industry. Previously, only designers and developers were able to do so. Now, there are far more lucrative and exciting careers to follow. This includes casting, streaming, marketing, reporting, writing, analyzing, and more.

Pommeraud also added that Riot Games values education as much as gaming, and promotes both ends equally. The Student Ambassador Program is designed around the same concept, preparing the youth for the market.

“We want to show everyone that gamers are amazing,” he said in a statement. “We want to show that having a kid who likes gaming is special and that they should be nurtured for a career in the field,” he said.

For more information on the program, head over to the official website. The Student Ambassador Program will run for the entire year, before picking up the next batch of students.

On a similar front, the Asia Pacific University of Malaysia started offering an extensive course last month which claims to transform enrolled students into professional Dota 2 athletes. The criteria ranges between three different tiers, and falls on the applicant’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

via TheStar