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For Honor Update 1.06 Brings Down Peacekeeper, Boosts Frame-Rates

Ubisoft has announced various changes and additions that it will be introducing with the release of the new For Honor Update 1.06 next week.

The game’s LOD (Level of Detail) will now adjust dynamically, ensuring optimal performance on majority of systems. The update also includes multiple other performance improvements that should help players see higher and more stable frame-rates in both menus and during matches. In addition, the online network of the game has been improved for better stability, promising resilience towards connectivity fluctuations.

One important addition with the For Honor Update 1.06 is the new “Join-in-Progress feature, which will allow your current post-match lobby to repopulate even after other players have left. Do note that while the feature is part of the new update, it will only be activated at a later date.

Coming over to the classes, Peacekeeper is being dialed back further to reduce her spam of lightning attacks. The recoveries on Block and Hits are being increased, giving opponents a window of opportunity to strike back unless the Peacekeeper commits to the chain finisher.

  • Light Attack Miss recovery branching into Chained Light Attack delayed by 100ms.
  • Chained Light Attack recoveries on Interrupt Block increased to 700ms (from 600ms).
  • Chained Light Attack recoveries on Hit increased to 700ms (from 500ms).

Orochi is receiving some love from the developer in this update. Hurricane Blast now has Uninterruptible Stance to make sure that the class has the opportunity to use a bunch of options while charging the ability.

  • Hurricane Blast has Uninterruptible Stance.
  • Added Uninterruptible Stance Icon to Moveset page.
  • Fixed rotation so that victim of Hurricane Blast always faces the Orochi when stabbed.

Following the last update, Lawbringer is being readjusted so that light attacks after Shove can no longer be blocked. They, however, can be dodged.

  • Light attack after Shove can no longer be blocked if opponent changes stance.
  • Updated Shove attack’s area of effect.
  • Updated post-Shove Light attack’s area of effect.

For Honor Update 1.06 is scheduled to arrive on April 25 for PC. The consoles will be patched once Sony and Microsoft have given the approval, which usually takes a week. The entire patch notes, as well as the new Elite outfits, can be gone through here.