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Battlefront 2 VR Support Hinted At By Criterion Dev, Might Be Like X-Wing

According to Criterion dev Matt Webster, Battlefront 2 VR support might be coming to the game at some point after its release. While nothing was especially confirmed, it wouldn’t really be a surprise considering the X-Wing mission that tied into Rogue One in the first Battlefront game on the Playstation VR.

Considering the story mode that’s going to be coming to Battlefront 2, DICE already has a way that they can tie the Battlefront 2 VR support into it. Gamers that own a VR system (likely a Playstation VR) will probably be pushed into the cockpit of a TIE Fighter, especially with the story’s Imperial point of view.

The VR support might even go beyond a simple flight simulator. With a dedicated single player environment to work with, it’s possible that you could play the whole story with a VR headset, but controlled by a regular Playstation controller.

However, it’s best not to get too ambitious. Ensuring VR support for every single player mission would likely be a lot of work, so Battlefront 2 VR support will likely remain related to a number of standalone missions separate from the main story.

These may be related to the movies (for instance flying as a Resistance pilot attacking Starkiller Base or some other notable moment like that) or could be original like the Rogue One tie-in, but either way Battlefront 2 VR support would definitely be a sought-after addition to the game.

Since Battlefront 2 doesn’t come out until November, EA and DICE still have plenty of time to implement VR support into the game. We’ll likely see something relating to it during either the Playstation conference at E3 or during EA’s own presentation.

Hopefully, with all of the potential that Battlefront 2 has going for it with more planets, more eras, a story campaign, and all the rest of it, VR support will only be one small part of a truly great game.