Call Of Duty Esports Community Launches World League Global Pro League

The Call of Duty eSports community has gotten a boost with the announced launch of the World League Global Pro League, a Call of Duty eSports tournament that will take place over the next ten weeks. The tournament will include multiple professional Call of Duty eSports teams that will participate.

The competition will be taking place in the most recent Call of Duty game, which is Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

The Call of Duty League will be offering $700,000 worth in prizes for both levels of the two-stage competition. Depending on how the participants do in this tournament, they will be seeded into the Call of Duty World Championship, where 1.5 million dollars will be on the line for more prizes.

The first stage of the competition will be happening at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, over the course of five weeks. The 16 teams competing in the league will be competing against one another there, before they move to the next stage in June. How the teams did in Stage 1 will indicate how they are seeded in Stage 2.

The sixteen teams all come from a variety of regions, ranging from North America, to Europe, to Asia and the Pacific. The World League Global Pro League competition will assert for the year who is the best team of Call of Duty multiplayer players in the world.

The huge amount of prizes that are up for grabs in the competition, plus the popularity of Call of Duty, has the potential to make the eSports market grow even larger, even when you factor in other games and eSports conventions like EVO and various Starcraft and League of Legends competitions.

So, be on the lookout to maybe watch the Call of Duty World League Global Pro League competition sometime in the next few months.