Snapdragon PCs Coming In The Fourth Quarter Of 2017? Microsoft And Qualcomm Making Cellular Windows PCs?

ARM-based PCs have not worked in the past for the companies that have tried to make it happen. The Windows RT tablets have been criticized and have been forgotten ever since. While companies are showing interest in this field again, they still need time to look at demand and whether or not it is worthy or not. Snapdragon PCs could be something of the future, thanks to Microsoft and Qualcomm.

The CEO of Qualcomm has made it clear that Snapdragon PCs will be coming out in the fourth quarter of the year and we could be seeing them hit the market before the year ends. What can you expect? These will be like smartphones. They will be connected to the internet wirelessly like smartphones and like cellular devices, these will also have other wireless features like Bluetooth and NFC.

We have seen Photoshop running on ARM-based devices but it is too early to know how many companies will be willing to provide support for such products and I think that third party support will be very important for the success of such devices.

Companies like HP are also looking into this field as it could be the future of PCs but there is a lot of uncertainty as well. This could be a hit or miss. Snapdragon PCs will most likely be powered by Snapdragon 835. This means that users will have the power of the Adreno 540 GPU at their disposal and will be able to enjoy media content in 4K.

Snapdragon PCs could be very limiting but they could also be very slim and cheap as well. If done right, they could prove to be great competitors for small notebooks and Chromebooks.

Let us know what you think about Microsoft and Qualcomm trying to make Snapdragon PCs a thing of the future and whether or not you would be interested in buying a cellular Windows PC.