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New Shadow of War Predator Skill Tree Turns Talion Into A Sneaky Assassin

When you’re a lone rebel in the middle of the headquarters of the most evil person in the world, you can’t really draw attention to yourself. The Middle-earth: Shadow of War Predator skill tree is going to help you both sneak around and be able to stealthily kill anyone who might notice.

The skill tree system is a new addition to the Shadow of Mordor series; the previous game gave you a variety of abilities with no real accounting for playstyle. Now, however, with the Shadow of War Predator skill tree, if you want to sneak around and stab from the shadows instead of going in sword swinging, you can if you follow the tree.

The tree includes a wide variety of various abilities that will allow you to sow havoc among the forces of Sauron, including many that may be familiar to a Shadow of Mordor player. For instance, you have the Poison Tendril ability.

If you remember sneaking around Orc camps in Shadow of Mordor to poison them, you’ll wish you had this ability then, as it allows you to poison grog buckets from a distance, rather than having to sneak right up to them.

The Brutalize skill, which allows you to stealth kill an Orc while also terrifying others around them, will also be making a return. It, along with moves like the Deadly Spectre ability (where you can leave Celebrimbor to lie in wait and kill an enemy when they get close) or the Wraith Chain (where you can chain stealth kills together between Talion and Celebrimbor) will also help you to stealthily clear areas.

The Shadow of War Predator skill tree is only one of the various skill trees that you can get into as well, in order to customize your own playstyle in Shadow of War. The game comes out on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on August 22.