New Domain Registry May Point To A Persona 5 Fighting Game Coming Soon

Anyone that was part of the Persona 4 hype train likely remembers Persona 4 Arena, where the casts of Persona 4 and Persona 3, along with a few new characters, all duked it out for the amusement of a possessed Teddy. Now, a Persona 5 fighting game may be following the same path.

The possibility comes from a number of domain registrations that Atlus recently made in preparation for Persona 5 spin-offs. Since the game is already enormously popular, the possibility of spin-offs like the Persona 4 Arena games and Persona 4: Dancing All Night might have a similar amount of success with Persona 5.

However, a Persona 5 fighting game hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. All of the new domain names that Atlus registered are all acronyms, so we can’t necessarily tell exactly what each game name is going to be.

Some of the domain names are actually fairly similar to Persona 4 spin-off games. For instance, there’s a domain, which could be the same letters that could be used in “Persona 5 Arena Game”, or P5U, Persona 5 Ultimax.

Though we don’t really know what the acronyms mean, fans of Persona can only hope that we’ll be getting more cool spinoffs. While Persona 5 is likely a game that will keep you running through it for possibly hundreds of hours, some people may want to see what else the Phantom Thieves can get up to.

We might even get something like Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, where the Persona 4 crew and the Persona 5 crew can interact with one another and get into hijinks. Until we actually have confirmation from Atlus, though, we’ll just have to wait see if they reveal a Persona 5 fighting game alongside other spin-offs.

Atlus is planning a Persona concert for August 2 at the Yokohama Arena, which was the same venue where they showed the official trailer for Persona 5. We might end up getting some new games announced then, if Atlus is ready.