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Nintendo Switch Minecraft Version Will Be Bigger Than The Wii U, 3072X3072

According to the Nintendo livestream yesterday, the Nintendo Switch Minecraft version is going to be a great deal bigger than the version on the Wii U, running at 3072 by 3072 squares. That’s around thirteen times larger than the Wii U version, which was only 864 by 864 squares. And that’s just the start.

In addition to being dramatically expanded (though still smaller than the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions), the Nintendo Switch Minecraft version will be launching with all of the additional content that has come out through January, and will quickly be catching up with the game’s current version.

Along with all of that, if you don’t want to give up all of your hard work on the Wii U version of the game, you’ll be able to transfer your Wii U saves over to the Nintendo Switch. So, if you’ve run out of room in your current save, you’ll have a lot more space to work with on the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Minecraft version will also be running at a framerate of 60 frames per second, allowing players smooth gameplay that also looks really nice.

Considering that Minecraft is one of the biggest video games in existence, with a presence on almost every gaming platform and device, the transfer to the Nintendo Switch isn’t really a surprise.

It’ll also be another possible system-seller for Nintendo; a substantial portion of both Nintendo and Minecraft’s audiences are children and pre-teens that get on there to build things, so if the possibility of Minecraft gets kids excited, Nintendo can look forward to getting more money.

The Nintendo Switch Minecraft version will be releasing around May 11 of this year, so gamers that are looking forward to playing it won’t have very long to wait. It’ll be yet another third-party title that Nintendo can put on the Switch.