Latest Rainbow Six Siege Patch Improves Glaz’s Thermal Scope and Echo’s Drone

A new Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.1.3 was released last night, adjusting a few operators and fixing a ton of bugs in the game.

Glaz recently received a new thermal scope, making it easier for him to detect foes trying to hide themselves in the shadows. However, inconsistent blood splatter effects and textural noise surrounding the edges of the highlighted target made it bothersome to use the gadget. Thanks to the new changes, Glaz should see better through his thermal scope and confirm when he lands a short.

  • Reduced the noise on the edges of the highlighted enemy.
  • Lowered the contrast of the teal tint of the lens.
  • Lowered the contrast of the yellow highlight on opponents.
  • Fixed the blood splatters effect not appearing on successful shots.

Previously, Echo could only disorient his opponents by shooting them in the head with his Yokai drone. Ubisoft believes that this restriction was making it hard for players to make full use of sonic burst. Hence, the drone’s disorientation effect will now register through any part of the target’s body.

According to the developer, Montagne and his trusty LFP586 handgun were making an overwhelming duo. Hence, the hip-fire spread on the side-arm has been increased to make sure that Montagne has to aim better to shut down his opponents.

After a lengthy investigation, Ubisoft has finally discovered the reason behind the inconsistency of Hibana’s X-KAIROS gadget. However, the bad news is that it is far too complex and requires the developer to completely rebuild the back-end design of the gadget to improve the detonation consistency. This will take time and should be completed by the end of Year Two Season Two (Hong Kong).

Ubisoft is taking Hibana’s gadget as one of its high priority issues, meaning that it is actively working on it to make sure a fix is available as soon as possible.

You can go through the complete patch notes for the new Rainbow Six Siege patch here.