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Intel X299 Platform Releasing Ahead Of Expected Launch Time, A Response To AMD Ryzen?

Is Intel rattles by AMD Ryzen? We recently talked about the Intel X299 platform coming out soon but we did not know how soon we will be seeing the chipset. Now reports claim that we will be able to see the platform in action at E3 this year. The report in question comes from Taiwan-based PC vendors so it could be Asus, Acer or MSI. Asus being the leading company when it comes to motherboards, is very credible to say the very least.

The Intel X299 platform will bring a couple of new features like USB 3.1 Gen 2 which will give users faster transfer speeds. It seems that the upcoming platform will also feature PCI Express 3.0 x24 lane, built-in Gigabit Wi-Fi.

Z300 Series Chipset Also Coming With Intel X299 Platform

Besides the Intel X299 platform, we also have heard about Z300 series platform coming out later this year. X299 this the replacement of the enthusiast X99 platform and it will support the upcoming Skylake-X series of CPUs that will be catering to the high-end CPU market.

We are also getting word that Intel will be introducing Coffee Lake CPU later this year as well. Most probably in August looking at the reports and rumors. It seems like this will be something for the mobile platform instead of the desktop lineup.

What To Expect Later This Year From Intel?

If this report is legit and we will be getting new high-end Skylake-X CPUs as well as Coffee Lake mobile CPUs then this is what you can expect later this year. If the Intel Coffee Lake CPUs are coming out then this means that you can expect some better performing and energy efficient laptops to come out in the back to school season.

You can also expect an increase in core count from Intel’s side. We are talking about enthusiast-grade CPUs here so it will be no surprise if Intel produces CPUs with higher core count than AMD for the high-end market. You can also expect to see some decently priced 6 cores CPUs in the mainstream market as well.

All this is of course if Intel decides to play competitively and not do what the company wants and has been doing for the past decade. There was not competition in the past but now AMD is knocking at the door and it is just a matter of time before the door comes down if Intel does not have a proper response to this new threat.