Injustice 2’s Batman Is A Killer, More Shocks Will Come In The Game

DC Comics has recently come under a lot of fire in its cinematic universe for messing with the characterization of its heroes, but it seems like they’re not stopping yet.

Apparently, Injustice 2’s Batman will be the next hero to go nuts like the game’s version of Superman, and it’ll only get worse.

The rather shocking news comes from the official tie-in comic to the Injustice games, which cover the story in a more expanded and detailed way. Specifically, the most recent Injustice 2 comic issue deals with Batman storming a villain’s hideout…while toting a pair of machine guns.

Now, everyone knows that Batman, since his parents were murdered, doesn’t use guns, instead relying on his Batarangs and martial arts skills to take down enemies. Now, however, it appears that Injustice 2’s Batman has thrown that out the window.

Considering the circumstances, however, it’s not surprising. The Injustice games take place in an alternate universe where Superman became a monstrous dictator and conquered the world. Injustice 2’s story trailers have so far implied that it will get even worse, and Batman may have to throw out his no-killing rule to fight back.

In the comic, Injustice 2’s Batman immediately makes use of the two guns to shoot two well-known other DC Comics characters in the head: Amanda Waller and Rick Flag, to rescue Harley Quinn. Harley, despite formerly being the Joker’s right-hand goon, is in this universe an ally of Batman, along with the much-expanded Suicide Squad.

Exactly WHY Batman shot two people right in the head remains to be seen, but the comic’s writer has stated that we haven’t seen anything yet.

With everything that happened in the first Injustice: Gods Among Us game, Batman may have to take even more drastic measures in this game’s story. Hopefully, NetherRealm has written it so that it actually makes sense.