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High Priority Issues Noted for Rainbow Six Siege, Hibana’s Gadget Being Redesigned

Shortly after the release of Patch 2.1.3 last night, majority of players began reporting issues that mostly relate to connectivity in Rainbow Six Siege.

Posting on Reddit earlier today, community manager Craig “ItsEpi” Robinson confirmed that Ubisoft has noted four high priority issues. The development team has already started work on addressing the problems, and should release a hot-fix as soon as possible.

NAT Type Change
For some reason, the latest patch changed many NAT Types for Rainbow Six Siege, resulting in haphazard connections for players. According to the developer, “a network update was pushed today in conjunction with the server maintenance, and is likely causing the issue.”

Error Code 6-0x00001000
Some players are unable to join the game after updating to the latest patch. It is stated that the error is not being faced by majority of players, but is still a critical issue that Ubisoft wants to address quickly. The developer didn’t share as to why the error is popping up for some players.

Losing Points After Winning Ranked Matches
The latest patch changed how the system calculates Match-Making Rating (MMR) in Rainbow Six Siege. It is now being handled at a “different step in our [Ubisoft’s] backend” and probably bugged out to miscalculate the final round of a match. The developer seems to have isolated problem and is working on a fix right now.

Hibana’s X-KAIROS Pellets
This is one issue that will take time to address. Ubisoft has finally been able to discover the root cause of the inconsistent detonation of her gadget. However, it appears to be much more complex that the developer expected.

After coming up with various solutions, Ubisoft has decided to completely rebuild the back-end design of Hibana’s gadget to improve her detonation. This, though, will take time and should be completed by the end of Year Two Season Two.

Since the time of posting, Ubisoft has already fixed the problem with the game’s NAT Type, Error Code 6-0x00001000, and losing points after winning a ranked match. However, the fix is only out for PC at the moment. The same hot-fix should be released for consoles soon.