Binding Of Isaac Amiibo Might Accompany Game’s Nintendo Switch Port

Nintendo Switch owners that are going to be buying the console’s Binding of Isaac port may be getting a Binding of Isaac amiibo. The rumor about it came from the official Twitter of the game’s publisher Nicalis, which showed a mock-up of an amiibo of Isaac himself, in tears as always.

While there’s no indication that Isaac would actually be an amiibo figure (the game isn’t exactly kid-friendly what with the various religious imagery, horrible death, and copious amounts of blood and feces), it still might be a cool idea.

While Nintendo has allowed Binding of Isaac: Rebirth to be ported over to the Nintendo Switch, the game had previously been blocked from release on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2012. According to one of the game designers, the reason was “questionable religious content.”

While the game was allowed to release on the New 3DS and Wii U, and released on the Switch last month, there’s always the possibility that Nintendo believes that Nicalis would be overstepping their boundaries with a full-on Binding of Isaac amiibo.

There have been a few other amiibos that might point towards the creation of a Binding of Isaac amiibo, such as ones for Shovel Knight, Bayonetta, and Cloud Strife, the latter two of which will be releasing later this year.

The reason behind the tweet may be because Nicalis is attempting to drum up support to make its own third-party amiibo like Bayonetta, Shovel Knight, and Cloud. However, whether Nintendo will agree to it considering the game’s subject matter is a whole other can of worms.

If you follow Nicalis on Twitter, you’ll likely learn about whether there will be a Binding of Isaac amiibo or not sometime in the near future. In the meantime, just be thankful the game was allowed on the Switch.