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Windows 10 Power Throttling Feature Reduces CPU Power Consumption By 11%, Increases Battery Life

The Windows 10 Power Throttling feature allows you to conserve battery life by reducing the amount of power that the CPU consumes. This feature runs background programs in a much more efficient manner so that they do not drain the battery as much.

The Windows 10 Power Throttling feature is not something new, Microsoft has been testing this feature out in previous builds as well and this is the outcome of those experiments. What this means is that you can go about your work without consuming too much power.

This will give laptops better battery life and you will be able to use your device for longer before you need to plug it back in. Using this feature the CPU consumes 11% less power.

Windows 10 Power Throttling

Software and hardware integration is very useful and this is a great example of just that. This could be a way of making laptop batteries smaller and still help devices last longer without a charge. This is still in development so we might get even better performance in the near future.

Windows 10 Power Throttling is just a placeholder name and this name could change sometime down the line. It is interesting to see what Microsoft has been able to do with this feature and I believe that there is a lot of potential here for the future.

Windows 10 Power Throttling

We will have to see what Microsoft has planned for the future of this feature and whether or not this feature will be included in builds that will be coming out in the future.

It is important to know that benchmark results can vary with this feature enabled. Microsoft recommends that you use benchmarks when your laptop is plugged in.

Let us know what you think about the Windows 10 Power Throttling feature and whether or not you are interested in what it has to offer.