Splatoon 2 Co-op Mode Salmon Run Confirmed, Pits Four Players Against Waves of Enemies

During their latest Nintendo Direct stream, the company has confirmed Splatoon 2 co-op mode which will be available in the “paintball” game at launch.

The four player Splatoon 2 co-op mode, titled Salmon Run, will have players teaming up with others to fight against waves of enemies in a horde mode.

Of course, the horde mode will see the Splatoon treatment so it shouldn’t be your run of the mill game mode and could provide hours of fun.

Gameplay footage of the Splatoon 2 co-op mode can be seen on the official Youtube with a breakdown of the features and objectives players will need to keep in mind in order to win.

While the final version of the game, scheduled to release on 21st July for Nintendo Switch, will have the Salmon Run mode, it is unlikely that the upcoming playable demo will offer players that opportunity.

Since the development team has confirmed that Splatoon 2 will receive tons of post-launch content, lets hope that content doesn’t abandon the co-op mode and focuses solely on multiplayer. We know the Splatoon 2 story mode will probably not receive much love after release but the co-op shouldn’t be abandoned.

There is only so many the PvE loving playerbase can play the same maps against a wave of enemies which is already repetitive enough.

To keep things coordinated in what can be a paint filled mess, both the co-op and multiplayer mode will support voice chat in Splatoon 2.

However, considering the fact that voice chat feature on Nintendo Switch requires the use of the Nintendo smartphone app, not a whole lot of players might be inclined to jump on the communication wagon.

Concerns like these might mar the performance of what could possibly be a great sequel to an already great game so for those still on the fence about a Nintendo Switch or Splatoon 2 purchase, this gameplay video might come in handy.