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Nintendo To Release SNES Classic Mini This Year, Insider Claims

Fans were disappointed following Nintendo discontinuing NES Classic Mini but it seems that Nintendo might bring SNES Classic Mini to the market if the rumor is to be believed.

According to the industry insider, Liam Robertson, Nintendo is bringing back the SNES Classic Mini and just in North America but also in Europe.

Again, SNES Mini’s coming. Same guys in Europe doing it AFAIK.

— Liam Robertson (@Doctor_Cupcakes) April 18, 2017

NES Classic Mini is not the only thing Nintendo discontinued as the company has also halted the production of Nintendo Famicom In Japan, which came as a surprise to many given it was selling really well. However, Nintendo has clarified that the production for Famicom has been temporarily halted.

The discontinuation of NES Classic also came as a surprise since the console was selling really well as the console has sold almost 15 million units.

If you are one of these lucky humans on earth to get their hands on NES Classic Mini, then chances are that you are bored with the pre-installed games. However, one hacker has found a way to install additional games to the console because Nintendo is not going to add any more games.

NES Classic Mini coming back into the stock will also prove a good sign for the consumers as this will result in the prices for the console to drop down on online retailers as those who have it are selling it almost 6 times the original price.