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Rainbow Six Siege Issues Shakespeare’s Community Challenge

Pay heed that a new Shakespeare’s Community Challenge has already gone live for Rainbow Six Siege, one that will terminate next week.

Players can begin by first activating the Shakespeare’s Community Challenge through their clients. Once done, they will be tasked with winning a total of 15 rounds from the defending side. Success means receiving a new Union Jack weapon charm, which is basically the national flag of the United Kingdom.

Make sure to claim the reward from the application after amassing the aforementioned number of victories. If the weapon charm fails to show up in the game, simply restart and it should be there in the character’s inventory.

The Shakespeare’s Community Challenge will end for Rainbow Six Siege on April 25, giving players less than a week to prepare their defending operators.

The new community challenge arrives just a week after Ubisoft issued a couple of Easter Challenges. Players should be aware that they have only the next couple of days to unlock the Egg Hunt and Fudgy Bunny weapon charms by ranking as MVP with at least 2500 points and again with 4500 points respectively.

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands are in for a treat. Ubisoft has introduced a new cosmetic bundle to the Rainbow Six Siege store, featuring an overhaul for Buck. Unfortunately, the bundle is not free for players even if they own Wildlands. It will cost players either Renown or R6 Credits and will remain in the store until April 25.