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Porsche Cars Will Be Featured In All Future Forza Motorsport Titles At Launch, Says Creative Director

Following the Porsche exclusivity deal expiring with EA, Microsoft announced the 6 years partnership with Porsche and Porsche cars have started to appear in Forza franchise starting with Forza Horizon 3. However, Porsche Cars will not be limited to just Forza Horizon 3 but will be featured in all future Forza Motorsport titles.

According to Forza franchise’s creative director(via WCCFTech), Dan Greenawalt, Porsche Cars will appear in all future Forza Motorsport games.

With this partnership we are cleared and excited to include Porsche models as part of future @forzamotorsport titles at launch.

However, Microsoft is not the only one to strike a deal with Porsche to feature its cars in their games, as Sony has confirmed that Gran Turismo Sport will also feature Porsche cars.

The latest game in the Forza franchise is Forza Horizon 3 developed by Playground Studio. However, the studio is also working on a non-racing title. The studio is currently looking to increase its workforce to work on a game codenamed “Project 2”.

According to founder and creative director, Ralph Fulton, the team has become quite good at developing racing games but they want to prove themselves in a different genre. While the studio will be working on a new game but it has no plans to abandon the Forza Horizon franchise.