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Closer Look at the New League of Legends Dark Star Skins

The Public Beta Environment (PBE) was updated last night to feature the new upcoming League of Legends Dark Star skins for Orianna and Kha’Zix.

Dark Star Orianna (1350 RP)
The Lady of Clockwork surrounds herself with a long-lost galaxy of planets, swirling forever in ominous fashion. She harnesses the power of a black hole that adheres to her every command. Alongside new voice effects that include spacial screams, Dark Star Orianna features new animations and visual attractions.

Dark Star Kha’Zix (1350 RP)
The Voidreaver has evolved after devouring planets after planets, but is still left with an insatiable hunger for more. New visual effects for his slashes and leaps give terror a new meaning. He too has control over a black hole, sucking in his prey to be lost to the far reaches of space. In addition, Dark Star Kha’Zix goes invisible in a cloak of shiny galaxy of planets. His new screams are far chilling than anyone in League of Legends.

Both League of Legends Dark Star skins include a special recall animation and should be released for everyone with the next official patch.

Dark Star Orianna and Dark Star Kha’Zix are the third and fourth inclusions to the theme, following the release of Dark Star Varus and Dark Star Thresh last year. Some believe that the League of Legends Dark Star skins have a role to play in the lore, and perhaps are the antagonists who stand against the Star Guardian skins. If true, then we have one last Dark Star skin to see to complete the five-person lineup.

The new League of Legends Dark Star skins were revealed earlier this week when Riot Games released a teaser for a new Dark Star game mode. Players will be restricted to just playing as Dark Star Thresh, as they hook and flay each other into the oblivion of a black hole.