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More Insight About the New League of Legends Support Quests

The introduction of League of Legends support quests was announced earlier this week as part of the game’s upcoming mid-season update. Today, the developer took time out to give more insight on the changes, which focus on making the role more appealing and attractive for the community.

“We have added milestone quests to the starting gold items to allow the player to measure their success during the laning phase, with an impactful reward on hitting a goal – if you can get your reward before your opponent, how will you use that advantage?” explained Riot Games in a new post.

Quest Details
Once you have earned a certain amount of gold with your choice of starting item, the item’s quest is replaced with a unique passive.

  • Ancient Coin line: Gain an elixir that instantly grants a skill point when consumed. Takedowns on enemy champions spawn gold and mana coins.
  • Relic Shield line: Gain a shield that regenerates out of combat. Executing minions accelerates the regeneration.
  • Spellthief’s Edge line: Tribute procs grant a short burst of movement speed.

It should be noted that the new passive of the Ancient Coin does not increase the number of skill points in League of Legends. Players only get the advantage of achieving the next level quicker. Also, if the inventory is full, the elixir will automatically be consumed.

Speaking on the reworked passive of the Ancient Coin, the developer noted that it was necessary to make for a meaningful quest progression. Those who do side with the item while choosing between the League of Legends support quests will get “opportunities for a higher payout, at a higher risk.”

So what is stopping non-support players from picking the items and using the quests for their own advantage? Highlight an anti-poaching policy, Riot Games explained that the quests cannot be completed unless the item is upgraded to the second tier. Additionally, the timing on spending charges has been reduced to ensure that clearing an entire wave with Spellthief will yield no benefits.

The upcoming League of Legends mid-season update is bringing a lot of changes, particularly for tanks. Maokai, Sejuani, and Zac are being slightly reworked (with new ultimate abilities) to have more options during skirmishes.