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League of Legends Patch 7.8 Brings Quality Changes for High Ping Players

The latest League of Legends Patch 7.8 sees Riot Games take a couple of steps to make life a bit easier for those playing on high pings.

While the game is still playable, a latency in the red can make it frustrating to play certain champions and around abilities. Those residing far from their servers, or with terrible internet connections, must ultimately teach themselves to compensate for the delay. As far as Karthus and Ryze are concerned, a few changes with League of Legends Patch 7.8 makes them easier to be played at high pings.


Q – Lay Waste

  • Layaway: Casts input as Lay Waste explodes will now automatically fire once Lay Waste comes off cooldown, unless Karthus cancels the command.

Previously, players had to wait until Lay Waste exploded before casting the next one. At high pings, this would probably result in half-a-second or more delay between each cast. Thanks to the new adjustment, Karthus can buffer multiple Lay Wastes that will cast as soon as the spell finishes its cooldown.


Q – Overload

  • Anticipation: Cooldown reset now occurs when Rune Prison or Spell Flux are cast, rather than when they hit their targets.

For a champion like Ryze who thrives on unleashing spells one after another in a cycle, playing him on a higher latency is almost a nightmare. This is because his spells reset once they hit their targets. Considering a nasty delay, it can create a large gap between his optimal combo-attacks. With the new League of Legends Patch 7.8 adjusting his kit so that they reset upon cast, players should have an easier time with the mage.

The new patch also marks the addition of the two new champions. Xayah, the Rebel, and Rakan, the Charmer, were unveiled earlier this month as chimeric creatures known as the Vastaya. They share a special bond with each other, resulting in unique interactions through voice lines and abilities. In other words, playing together in the same lane will allow players to take advantage of certain bonus effects. They will be unlocked in the next couple of days.

You can go through the complete patch notes here.