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Everything You Should Know About StarCraft: Brood War

Blizzard Entertainment announced a treat recently when it made StarCraft: Brood War free for the players. Many newcomers won’t know about this classic experience that was released back in 1998. Yes, StarCraft is that old.

If you are new to StarCraft: Brood War, here are some fun facts and details about the game you will find interesting.

It is More Popular in South Korea Than StarCraft 2

Hard to believe , right? StarCraft: Brood War was actually more popular in the land of StarCraft 2. It is a rather old game but it is still able to hold its own in terms of popularity in the region to this day.

Overhauled Visuals and 4K Support

The game will now support up to 4K resolution which means developers took the time to recreate many of the 2D textures to accommodate 4K quality.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

Well, what is 4K without a better aspect ratio? Developers not only worked on the game’s resolution but we also now have better aspect ratio. StarCraft Brood War now support 16:9 aspect ratio. Players will no longer have to play this game in 4:3.

Audio and Language Support

Apart from graphics, we have revised audio and support for 13 new languages. Back in the day, the game only supported English.

Online Matchmaking

Brood Wars still supports the classic LAN matches but developers have now added online matchmaking, a feature widely requested by the community for the remastered.

Full 2D With Classic Game Engine

Developers are still using the same old engine which itself has become a feature of the game over the years, even with its many bugs. Moreover, the title is still in full 2D so there are no 3D elements added with the remastered.

Summer Release is Set

StarCraft: Brood War is coming out on PC sometime this Summer. A final release date is yet to be confirmed but it won’t be long before Blizzard announces something.