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Chinese League of Legends Server Only Allows the Very Best

A new League of Legends server has arrived for China which caters to only the most skilled players residing in the country.

According to reports, those interested in gaining access must first fill out an application. Once an approval has been confirmed, the player can then continue to create an account on the new League of Legends server and be instantly boosted to level 30.

In addition, the account will receive 200,000 IP and 200,000 RP from the regional division of Riot Games to help with the quick purchase of champions, runes, and rune pages. Lastly, each ranked win on the server grants players a massive 1,000 LP.

Do note that there is a minimum requirement for players to fulfill before even filling out the application. It is necessary that the player has an account in another server that is ranked Diamond or higher. In other words, the new League of Legends server in China allows only Diamond, Master, and Challenger players to join.

It is likely a training ground for professional players, or those aiming to hone their skills by playing against the very best. It is an interesting idea and leaves us wondering whether Riot Games should work on such a pro-tier server in other regions as well. At least this way, the highly skilled players cannot complain about the matchmaking system of the game.

China is known to feature various forms of servers when it comes to League of Legends. In February, the region launched a server that boasts enough incentives to make western players green with envy.

“Baron’s Territory” has insane rewards for simply leveling an account, comprising IP and XP Boosts after every five levels. In addition, creating a new account nets you bonus IP as well as some of the most rare skins found in League of Legends.