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Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Story Will Let You Become A New Hero

It’s no secret by now that the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 story will put you in the shoes of an Imperial, an elite stormtrooper named Iden Versio.

According to DICE, however, one of the story’s objectives will be to still make you feel like a hero, but on the Empire’s side.

Versio’s story in Battlefront 2 begins at the Battle of Endor, where Emperor Palpatine met his end and the Empire began to collapse with the destruction of the Second Death Star.

Far from defecting to the Rebellion and seeing how bad the Empire was, Versio and her squad will be continuing the fight against the Rebel Alliance, even having an encounter with Luke Skywalker.

Apparently, different viewpoints will be an important part of the Battlefront 2 story. After all, while many see the Rebels as freedom fighters, just as many Imperial citizens see them as terrorists. The player, as Versio, will become a new war hero to the Empire as they fight to avenge the Emperor and stamp out the Rebellion.

DICE also talked about one of the new planets that will be appearing in the game, the planet Vardos. Described as an “Imperial utopia”, Vardos is Iden’s home planet and makes an appearance in the story being patrolled by stormtroopers and AT-AT Walkers, apparently marching into battle.

Along with the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 story mode, the game will also be including maps and battles from all three movie eras (Prequel trilogy, original trilogy, and the Sequel Trilogy), along with new heroes, space battles, and much, much more.

There’s still a good few months until the game releases, but we’ll likely be seeing a good portion of its gameplay when E3 hits in June at EA’s personal conference. Battlefront 2 will be coming out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17.