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You Won’t Be Able To Land Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Starfighters In Fights

With all of the information about Star Wars: Battlefront 2 that was released over the weekend, space battles and the Battlefront 2 starfighters that will be flying around in them have also come up.

Mainly, that you won’t be able to land the fighters and change them around when you respawn.

In the previous Battlefront 2, space battles had players launch from the hangar of a ship, picking and choosing from a variety of fighters such as a nimble fighter, a bomber, or an all-around ship, and a gunship that you could use to board the enemy ship.

That won’t be the case with DICE’s own Battlefront 2 starfighters. They will be working the same way that they did in the 2015 Battlefront’s own fighter-based combat modes.

Players will select a fighter to spawn in and will enter the battle that way, and won’t be able to get a new one until they respawn. You also won’t be able to land the fighters anywhere, so you won’t be able to board enemy ships.

This will be a change from how space battles worked in the original Battlefront 2, where you had to attack an enemy capital ship and its escort ships by destroying vital parts of the ship including turrets, life support, engines, and its shield generator.

While there’s no telling yet what exactly DICE might be intending to do with the space battles in their own Battlefront 2, if it’s anything like the Fighter Squadron gameplay in the previous game we may be seeing Battlefront 2 starfighters engaging in dogfights like the previous game.

Whether or not they’ll actually be attacking anything like a capital ship remains to be seen (the actual space combat in DLC maps like the Death Star and Scarif mainly consisted of blowing up fighters or protecting a ship on its way to a destination), but hopefully we’ll be getting more information soon.