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4 Minutes Of New Quake Champions Gameplay is Full of Action

IGN has put up 4 minutes’ worth of new Quake Champions gameplay taken from the PC version, and it looks very promising. Quake Champions was previously announced at Bethesda’s E3 2016 conference and got a bit of controversy for not being a true sequel to Quake. However, the gameplay may change people’s minds.

The gameplay shown is from the game’s Closed Beta, which began on April 6. While there’s no telling when or if an open beta will happen, from what we can see the closed beta really looks promising.

From what the new Quake Champions gameplay shows, a lot can happen in four minutes. Gameplay in the video seems very fast-paced and hectic, but it does bring to mind the lightning pace of the original Quake multiplayer.

The game looks like it’s doing a lot of throwbacks to the original Quake games that have been well-implemented. Some of the weapons, such as a bazooka, sit in the center of the screen like you’re playing the original Doom games. Ammunition and health powerups are everywhere, and drop off of enemy players like candy when you shoot them.

A wide variety of weapons, such as the cannon, machine guns, laser guns, and more, are also available for players to pick up and use at any time.

The new Quake Champions gameplay also looks really nice graphically; the gameplay is filled with colorful explosions and weapon effects, and the arena, an ancient ruin in the shadow of an erupting volcano, also looks very nice, with good lighting and textures.

Hopefully Bethesda will use this new Quake Champions gameplay to help drum up more support for the game. While we haven’t seen any real gameplay aside from this, hopefully developer diaries and sneak-peek videos will be able to increase the amount of excitement.

There’s no real release date yet for Quake Champions, but with E3 coming up in a few months, hopefully Bethesda will have more information at their personal E3 conference. Quake Champions is a PC-exclusive title.