At Least Two New Quantic Dream Games Are Apparently In The Works

According to a Quantic Dream fan website, at least two new Quantic Dream games are being worked on, even with the studio also working on the upcoming video game Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream is the studio behind various narrative video games like Fahrenheit, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain.

While we don’t really have any details on the two other Quantic Dream games that are currently being worked on, knowing how the studio usually works they’ll likely be similar to their other titles.

Games from the studio are more often than not games that rely on story than action, with player choices impacting the story.

Detroit: Become Human, for instance, showed a trailer at E3 2016 that showed the various choices that a player could make in a situation, which might lead to any resolution ranging from your character dying, to succeeding in their mission and living, or succeeding in their mission but dying in the process.

Quantic Dream’s previous game, Beyond: Two Souls, received a polarizing critical reception despite its commercial success, mainly due to the incoherent story (which jumped around between various time periods and made it difficult to keep up), bad characters, poor interactivity, and numerous quick time events.

Hopefully with Detroit, Quantic Dream can make a fairly good story, especially considering the studio prides itself on those.

Considering the subject matter, with androids starting to slowly gain sapience and consciousness, Quantic Dream will be able to create a story that can not only tug at our heartstrings but also make us think.

There’s no official release date for Detroit: Become Human or any of the other Quantic Dream games that are currently in the works, but hopefully when they all release they’ll be a step up from Beyond: Two Souls when it comes to the narrative.