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Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide – Members Floor Lobby, House of the Darkness Maze, Boss Tips

Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, and defeat the boss at the end.

You should be able to infiltrate the Palace starting 10/30 but must not send the Calling Card until 11/18 due to major story implications.

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Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide

In our Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the Palace and defeating the boss at the end.

Persona 5 Niijima Palace

Entering the Casino

You need to enter the casino by heading to the roof via the fire escape and through the door.

Main Floor

You need to head past the ceiling’s decorations, towards the area where you fought the Shadow the first time. Find the Safe Room on the south side and head up the stairs to take the western door.

Staff Passageway

In the new area, head down the hall and towards the stairs. Head left after taking the stairs and then head west. Go past the generators to come to a door that requires a keycard. Head past this door to find a Safe Room.

From the Safe Room, head up the stairs to defeat a strong Shadow. Defeating the enemies should reward you with a keycard that you would be able to use on locked doors.

Once done, head inside the room behind it and go through another room. Now head inside the farthest locked room to crawl through a vent and face another powerful Shadow in there. After defeating the Shadow, you will receive a Member’s Card and the map of the area. From the Main Floor, take the elevator to head into the next area.

Member’s Floor Lobby

Speak to the cashier before using the Safe Room and heading to the west side to enter the Dice Area.

Dice Area

After randomly picking a room, try a few games of dice to confirm that it is rigged and head inside the vent near the northernmost dice room.

Staff Passageway

Continue to follow the path and head up the stairs. Now head across the walkway and down the stairs at the very end. Continue towards the split and find a Safe Room on the west side. From the Safe Room, you need to head through the door at the end of the hallway to find a secret Dice Area.

Secret Dice Area

After entering the area, defeat the Shadow and head out of the room towards the south side to open the barred doors. Make sure to pick between ’11 and 18’ before heading back to Member’s Floor Lobby.

Member’s Floor Lobby

By now, you should have enough cash to play the slots. Therefore, quickly use the Safe Room and head through the door on the east side.

Slot Room

After the battle against two Shadows, head inside the Slot Room. Continue along the path and head up the stairs. Once again, continue the path and head down the path to go through a door to find a massive slot machine.

Interact with the slot machine and head back to access the machine’s terminal – marked by ! on your map.

To find the Green Terminal, head to the previous room and head south from the entrance. Head down the path and through a door to find some crates. Climb the crates over to the north side to find a chest and the Green Terminal.

To find the Red Terminal, head towards the entrance of the Slot Room from where you entered the Member’s Floor Lobby and you should be able to find the Red Terminal on the left-hand-side wall.

Now return to the machine and win 50,000 coins. Once done, return to the dealer in the Lobby to buy the High Limit Card followed by using the elevator to move to the next area and speak with the bouncer. Return to the real world!

House of Darkness Maze

In the High Limit Lobby, head through the south door to use the machine next to the scales and return to the Lobby. Solving the House of Darkness Maze is as simple as it can get! Here is how:

Stick to the left-hand-side wall until you come across a vent. At this point, you need to head inside the secret area. After dropping down, stick to the left side and head past the blue lights until you come across a locked door.

Climb up from the illuminated area and crawl through the vent to drop down from the other side. Once again, stick to the left side to head inside a door and head down. Now head to the west side to come to the outer area.

After the cut-scene concludes, crawl through the vent on the left side and west towards the stairs. Head up the stairs and take the door on the south side to come to the Main Hallway. Take the western door and defeat the Shadow before returning to the High Limit Lobby.

High Limit Lobby

Head inside the Battle Arena after crossing the Lobby and defeat a couple of Shadows. Once you are done with Shadows, head to the scales to deposit your winnings and cross the bridge to get the treasure before returning to the real world.

Boss Fight Tips

At the start, keep the stakes low until you learn about the glass lid. Send one of your teammates to deal with it. After you have disabled the cheat, you should start doing well.

During the second phase, try ‘Concentrate’ and Fire-based Abilities most of the time. In addition to this, keep one teammate on the task of healing you and other members.

This is all we have on our Persona 5 Niijima Palace Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add let us know in the comments section below!