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Part of Our Job is to Prove Project Scorpio for Other Developers: Turn 10

According to Forza developer Turn 10, part of their job as first party developers is to prove Project Scorpio for other developers. Making sure that first party games shine is a way to entice third and second party to work with Microsoft’s new platform.

Turn 10 is the developer behind Forza games and during the recent specs analysis from Digital Foundry, we saw Forza 6 running on Project Scorpio at 4K 60FPS with room to spare. Turn 10 is confident that Project Scorpio can pull off amazing level of graphical detail.

In a statement provided to Gamasutra, Turn 10 studio software architect Chris Tector said:

A major piece of us being first-party is to prove the platform for other developers. We really hold that dear to what we’re supposed to do. It’s our responsibility as a first-party studio. To help ensure the platform is ready for everybody.

It wasn’t easy adjusting to the development process for a 4K machine but the studio adapted quick due to their development experience on PC.

Developers at Turn 10 think like a PC developer while working on Project Scorpio. The studio not only changed the way it thinks but production pipelines were also adjusted accordingly.

Games is the main focus right now for Microsoft as Phil Spencer has stated. At E3 2017 we will not only see Forza on Project Scorpio but a proper lineup of titles for this Fall is coming.

Microsoft has created the most powerful console and technologically advanced, according to Phil Spencer, but it won’t matter if there are no games to play and the head of Xbox understands this.

Delivering powerful specs at a reasonable price may prove to be a challenge, the predicted price for Project Scorpio is over $700.