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Nintendo Switch Dock Set Back in Stock at Best Buy

Nintendo Switch dock set is not easy to find as it has been out of stock. However, it looks like Best Buy has the box back in stock for Nintendo Switch users.

Nintendo kept its promise of making the dock available soon but considering its demand it won’t be long before it goes out of stock again.

The Nintendo Switch dock is used to station the handheld unit for the Switch. It is available for $90 at Best Buy right now. The dock is attached via an HDMI to your Tv screen to allow you to play games at a higher resolution and a bigger screen.

The dock also functions as the charger for the Switch handheld unit.

Nintendo Switch dock has been a little hard to find ever since its release, an indication that docks are not the most reliable part of the Switch.

Some players came up with interesting solutions to the lack of docks available at retail. Making use of the Nintendo 64’s own power brick and the console’s chassis, an out-of-the-box thinker was able to create a dock of his own dock that allows the gamepad to fit into the 64 like a cartridge normally would.

With the power brick plugged into the back, it’s essentially like a regular Switch, but with a special vintage twist. You can even place the JoyCons for the gamepad beside it in the Nintendo 64.

He’s not the only one though, someone also created a 3D model of the Switch dock and apparently it works better than the original Nintendo Switch dock.

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