Nintendo Switch Is “The Best Portable That Has Ever Been”, Says Sixfoot CEO

Nintendo Switch is the fastest-selling console in the history of Nintendo which also outsold PS4 and Xbox One, and developers are praising the console for its portability.

It is clear that Switch will be successful console and developers themselves are enthusiastic about the hybrid console. According to CEO at Sixfoot, Christian Svensson, who told Polygon, that Nintendo Switch has the ability to recapture the audience of Wii.

I think that the Switch has the ability to recapture some of the Wii magic in a couple of different ways. But a lot of it has to do with the fact that it’s a 2-in-1 system. The fact that it is trying to be a portable and a home console all in one package — first of all, it’s an easy sell from a value for money family purchase standpoint. You know, I just think that if you looked at it only as a portable system, it’s probably the best portable that has ever been.

Speaking on Switch, while the hybrid console launched last month, but according to a report from Citigroup, despite Nintendo Switch being a hybrid console it is still quite large for children and this could result in Nintendo releasing a Switch mini in FY2018.

The report further suggests that Nintendo Switch mini could sell 6.7 million units in 12 months through March 2019 and the standard Nintendo Switch will have sold 25.7 million units by then.

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