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Microsoft Project Scorpio Has Dynamic GPU And CPU Performance Scaling So That No Power Goes To Waste

As E3 comes ever so close by the day, we are getting more information about the upcoming 4K ready Microsoft Project Scorpio console.

New reports tell us that the Microsoft Project Scorpio will have dynamic GPU and CPU performance scaling.

For the uninitiated let me tell you what this means. This means that there is a synergy between the hardware and the software of the console and that it can scale performance up and down according to the requirement.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

For example, if you are scrolling through the menu, here you do not need all the power that the Microsoft Project Scorpio has to offer. In this case, the console will scale the performance down so that it does not waste any power. This power can later be used when the user is playing a game.

According to Leo Del Castillo, General Manager of the Xbox Hardware team:

“The number of power states we have in the SoC – the Scorpio Engine itself – is eight CPU states, five GPU states, three for the memory. Naturally all of those will be maxed out if you’re playing a high-performance game, but for other modes of operation you want to minimize the amount of power the system is consuming.”

Microsoft Project Scorpio

The console has heavily customized hardware and this allows the console to pull all of this off. This is something that is new when it comes to consoles and it will be very useful when users are playing less demanding titles or gaming at lower resolutions.

All the pieces of hardware have been tweaked and customized in order to work in perfect harmony with one another and this is one thing that will set this console apart from the competition. Keeping this in mind I would not say that the Microsoft Project Scorpio is revolutionary but this is something very different.

“It’s better for the environment when you use less electricity to power the box and it minimizes the demands on the thermal system, and you can run the fans as slow as possible… when you’re watching a movie [or] watching television through your HDMI, or when you’re doing something that doesn’t require all of the performance. You can scale all of that back and make the system much more efficient that way,”

If you are someone that wants to save on power and make the world a green place then this console will not keep you up at night. This feature will consume less power and allow the console to keep cool when it is not doing something demanding.

Microsoft Project Scorpio

It is safe to say that Microsoft Project Scorpio is something that is worth looking into and I for one am more excited than ever to have a look at the final product and what kind of power this console will have to offer.

“Between trying to target a compact design, and also strike overall efficiency and minimize power use, we do a lot of things that are special. One of the things we do is we basically fine-tune the voltages for each of the chips and optimise them so the chips are getting exactly what they need to get the job done.”

All this goes to show that the Microsoft Project Scorpio is a well thought out machine and what remains now are the titles that we will be able to play on the console. Phil Spencer claims that there will be games coming out.

He is so confident that he has even said that people should see the games that will be coming out at E3 before ordering the console.

We will see what the Microsoft Project Scorpio has to offer and what kind of first party games and third party support the console will get.

Let us know what you think about the Microsoft Project Scorpio and whether or not you are interested in buying this console when it comes out later this year.