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League of Legends Teases New Dark Star Game Mode and Skins

A new Dark Star game mode, as well as two new skins based on the same evil theme, are arriving for League of Legends in the coming weeks.

A teaser video released last night beckons everyone to “submit to infinity” and offers a glimpse into how the traditional Summoner’s Rift has been cordoned off to just a minor portion near the fountain.

Players are apparently restricted to just playing as Dark Star Thresh, and are tasked with hooking each other into the oblivion of a black hole. Swarms of corrupted Scuttler Crabs also appear on the screen, gunning for players with suicidal rushes. Accidentally running, or being knocked back, into the black hole means certain death.

In addition, the new Dark Star game mode is also bringing two new skins for Orianna and Kha’Zix. Dark Star Orianna seemingly uses an entire planet as her personal ball, while Dark Star Kha’Zix comes with only one gigantic glowing eye.

More details regarding the new Dark Star game mode and the new Dark Star skins should arrive this week. Since the social media pages of League of Legends are already running the teaser, it would not be a surprise to see an official announcement drop as early as tonight.

In other news, the League of Legends legacy client is approaching its final days. After months of testing and improvements, the client beta update is finally ready to shed its beta status.

Riot Games has already begun replacing the legacy client in some parts of China and South East Asia. This is likely to shift to a larger scale in the coming weeks. Assuming that there are no technical issues, the developer will then begin automatically upgrading more regions.