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Hearthstone Priests Are Accidentally Killing Themselves With Amara

Hearthstone Priests running “Awaken the Makers” should pay heed that they do not accidentally kill themselves by summoning Amara, Warden of Hope.

The Legendary Quest, when matured, sets the hero’s health to 40. However, as some recently discovered, summoning Amara after playing “Embrace the Shadows” ends up in an automatic suicide.

To clarify, Embrace the Shadows turns all healing effects into damage. Hearthstone Priests usually follow the card with mass healing spells that help in clearing the board. In that light, Amara actually does damage to the player instead of healing them back to full health.

Responding to a thread on Reddit, a developer confirmed that Blizzard will be changing the Legendary card by having it work like Alexstrasza. The Legendary neutral minion from the classic set functions similar to Amara by setting the hero’s health to 15. However, there is a stark difference in how both cards work.

Amara first increases the base health of the player before healing them all the way up. Hence, Embrace the Shadows (or other similar effects) forces all that heal to be turned into damage instead.

Once the next update is released, Amara is likely to simply set the hero’s health to full instead of healing them. Until then, Hearthstone Priests trying to climb the ranked ladder should be careful about converting their heals to damage before summoning the warden.

In other news, a community member recently discovered that the volcano in the Journey to Un’Goro board can be made to erupt. The secret lies in the four tribal drums located in the bottom-right portion of the board. Hitting them in a specific sequence heats up the volcano until it erupts with fiery magma and a dramatic music on the side.

Journey to Un’Goro released for Hearthstone earlier this year. It is now available for purchase from the official store.