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GTA V Being Used As A Simulation To Test Driverless Car AI, And Its Not a Joke!

Grand Theft Auto V is an amazing game with a huge modding community that brought Red Dead Redemption to PC version of GTA V. However, aside from the ingenious mods, GTA V is being used to teach the driverless cars.

As reported by Bloomberg, GTA V is being used as a simulation to test the AI for the driverless cars. Given that the game has 14 weather conditions, thousands of NPCs roaming about and plenty of bridges and tunnels makes it the best simulation at the moment.

According to Alain Kornhauser, Princeton University professor of operations research and financial engineering, GTA5 has “the richest virtual environment that we could extract data from”.

While testing them in a game seems odd but it is better than testing it in the real world, also testing it in the game gives them control over the testing environment.

Just relying on data from the roads is not practical. With simulation, you can run the same scenario over and over again for infinite times, then test it again

Also, modders are working to bring back the Liberty City, from GTA IV, to GTA 5. This GTAV mod is developed by OpenIV Team who has been working on the mod since the game launched.

However, due to some legal concerns, the mod will not recreate the city but will transfer the city from the player’s owned copy of Grand Theft Auto IV.

GTA V is an open-world action adventure game developed by Rockstar Games for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.