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Gadget Shellshock Skin Is Finally Coming To Paragon After Months of Waiting

Epic Games is releasing a big update for Paragon today which includes the highly anticipated Gadget Shellshock Skin among other things.

The development team at Paragon held a poll during the open beta a few months ago, asking the community to choose between two skins for Gadget, one of the earliest ranged casters, which were to be added to the game.

After a couple of months, the Gadget Shellshock Skin has finally been added to the MOBA and if you haven’t seen it before, it looks pretty amazing.

Besides the Gadget Shellshock Skin added to the in-game store, the new Paragon update also brings with it numerous fixes and new additions in the form of Cards, the game’s equivalent of Items from other MOBA games.

With the addition of new skins, Guerilla Gadget and War Chief Grux skins have been removed from the store.

The Weekly Card pack added in the update contains Honor of the Pure, Charging Brute and Nanodrive.

Booster drops have also been tweaked with XP and Reputation Boosters no longer dropping from Loot Crates. The full patch notes including fixes and tweaks to Fey as well as the UI for the game can be seen here on the official game website.

Despite not making it as big as some other MOBAs out there including Smite, Paragon has had a pretty loyal following on both PC and PS4 version of the game with the cross platform features helping it further.

Epic Games seems to be fully invested in the game and committed to delivering new characters being released every 3 weeks. Some of the recent additions to the game include the melee guardian angel Serath, the pop star Shinbi and the whip wielding Yin.

Given how closely Paragon resembles Smite in many aspects including the third person action camera, many fans are hoping that the game ends up being released on Nintendo Switch and their wishes might come true pretty soon.